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Permit Planner

Permit Planner is a central, secure platform for oil and gas operators to manage their E&P licence portfolio across multiple countries and jurisdictions. Permit Planner integrates legal compliance requirements with a powerful licence and activity management tool, empowering non-legal personnel to confidently manage operational compliance associated with exploration and production activities.

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  • Avoid fines and penalties

  • Simplify due diligence and audit

  • Reduce stress and reliance on key staff

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Single source of truth

  • Maintain legal and social licence to operate


Oilwatcher provides a unique view of NZ petroleum activity on an interactive timeline and map. Updated daily, Oilwatcher gives you instant visibility of work programme activities in all NZ permits and keeps you up to date with new permit applications, changes, surrenders and transfers.

The timeline of key activities such as well drilling and seismic acquisition commitments gives you an instant picture of expected petroleum activity in New Zealand over the next 15 years as well as acreage that may become available through permit expiry, commit or surrender and relinquishment obligations.

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Consent Planner

Consent Planner is an online software tool that helps you keep track of your consents and the conditions you have to comply with. You can manage any kind of consent in Consent Planner and we've built in the most common ones such as resource consents, marine consents and building consents.

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How will it help me?


  • Consent Planner will send you email notifications and reminders well before any important dates.

  • Record your conditions, allocate responsibility to an owner and track compliance status of conditions.

  • Create your own tasks, track the status, and get email reminders to help you comply with your conditions.

  • Accessible from any web-enabled device

  • Easy monthly or annual subscription.

  • NZ based support team.


Totum brings together regulatory compliance expertise, oil and gas industry knowledge and leading-edge enterprise software design to create smart software tools for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Our mission is to be the trusted partner of the oil and gas industry in helping them maintain their legal and social licence to operate.

Our vision is to bring compliance intelligence to global E&P licence management.

Advisory Board

Meet our advisory board.

  • John Fletcher.

    John Fletcher is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Directors and has extensive experience in the energy industry having held senior positions in Royal Dutch Shell in New Zealand and overseas. He is a former managing director of Shell New Zealand Ltd and also formerly a director of the ECL Group Limited, Solid Energy New Zealand Limited and the New Zealand Refining Company Limited.

  • Mei Fern Johnson.

    Mei Fern Johnson is a partner at Russell McVeagh, one of New Zealand's largest law firms. She specialises in the oil and gas sector and acts for participants in their investments in New Zealand, including as operators / shareholders of New Zealand companies. She also assists clients in significant acquisitions and divestments, as well as in obtaining regulatory consent to overseas investments.

  • Sven Pannell.

    Sven Pannell is a Senior Manager in the Private Enterprise team at KPMG in Wellington, New Zealand. Sven is responsible for the division's growing business strategy and performance services. Sven works with private business clients in New Zealand to help them drive an uplift in earnings and shareholder value by identifying opportunities for growth and improving their execution capability.



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